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The ProGraphite team affiliates interdisciplinary professionals who follow one passion: Carbons – with a focus on graphite. Conjoint we have several decades of professional experience in the graphite and raw materials business. The founder of ProGraphite,Mr. Christoph Frey (MSc), was employed in executive positions by the leading European natural graphite miner and processor in Germany and China during many years and served/serves the board of graphite companies in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Brazil, Sri Lanka, China and Australia. 

He worked for various natural graphite projects in Africa, Europe, China, Madagascar, Russiaand Sri Lanka and visited natural graphite companies around the globe.

Further details can be found on LinkedIn. ›› LinkedIn Profile

Mrs. Fiona Reiser (Geologist, MSc.) joined ProGraphite in 2017, after working more than five years as a geologist and project assistant for a globally active graphite company. Before working in graphite business, she dedicated herself to scientific research projects in Portugal and Germany, focused, e.g. on certain high-technology elements (In, Ge), related mineral deposits and geochemical as well as microstructural analysis methods (EPMA, SEM, Micro-PIXE) of ores and other geomaterials. 

Economic research is led by Dr. Lisa Lackner-Frey, who holds a Ph.D. degree in public economics, which facilitates to do research with a broader view and also includes subordinated subjects like country risks of raw material sources. 

Our team is complemented with specialized and dedicated team members for our lab and shop activities


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